Spirit Fest at Flip Force

Forgive me- the class I was taking ended so I was no longer forced to write this blog. Since I wrote quite a bit about Flip Force, I thought I’d put this event here in case you are still out there…Check out clips from past Cirque Show and get more details at Flip Force San Diego.


HELP! Missing San Diego Girl

Chelsea King, 17, of Poway, Calif., disappeared Thursday while out for a run. She is seen here in a photo from Facebook in a group called

From ABC News

Chelsea King, 17, was reported missing Thursday when she didn’t return home from school. 

Her BMW sedan was found outside the Rancho Bernardo Community Center, where she often ran along the trails around Lake Hodges Chelsea King, 17, was reported missing Thursday when she didn’t return home from school.

Her BMW sedan was found outside the Rancho Bernardo Community Center, where she often ran along the trails around Lake Hodges.

Pass these photos on!!

Winter Sports in San Diego

The Winter Olympics are drawing to a close. It has been fun, yet a bit all-consuming. There were so many amusing, approachable personalities and some touching stories.

Of course, it got my mind spinning about opportunities for kids to try these sports in San Diego. Icetown has a location La Jolla (actually, UTC…don’t get me started on that) and offers a variety of ways to MOVE. They have FREE introductory figure skating lessons and hockey lessons on Saturdays from 11:15 until 11:45 on a first come, first served basis. They also have a figure skating academy that can lead to shows and competitions.  There is also a hockey academy with both in-house and travel hockey leagues for boys and girls (did you see any Women’s Hockey??? Awesome!!). Here’s a Fun Fact-

 “Last year, approximately 1,500 student athletes participated in NCAA hockey, which reports a hockey graduation success rate of 83 percent, in comparison to baseball’s 68 percent, football’s 67 percent, and basketball’s 62 percent. Who says that hockey players don’t have intellectual prowess?”  http://www.universitybusiness.com/ViewArticle.aspx?articleid=1175

Also, if your child is registered in the Skating Academy, parents have an opportunity to skate in all of the public sessions for only $19.00 a month, per parent, by purchasing a Parent Public Session Pass.

No excuses, no parent blobs, set a good example.

They also offer Open Skating Sessions every day, summer camps and birthday parties. My kids did the camp one year and we do an annual trip over Winter Break. I recommend it on scorching summer days or if (God forbid) fires close down the school and the kids can’t play outside.

Icetown doesn’t seem to have Curling (?), which my son and husband became obsessed with this Olympics. They do offer it up at Iceoplex in Escondido and are holding a clinic on March 6th. They also have a website called Curl San Diego (who knew?), my boys are gonna love this.

That’s all for now… got to get out and MOVE before the rain traps us inside.


Mission Bay Water Sport Camp

Went down to Mission Bay this morning for a walk, what a FABULOUS DAY. I never get tired of that view.

I went to Mission Bay High School, traveled the world as a Flight Attendant, and Mission Bay is still one of  my top five favorite places on earth.

There were people wakeboarding, jogging, skating…people in motion, I loved it. I was reminded of an awesome camp my kids attended last summer on Mission Bay at MTK Boarding. The camp is Mon-Fri. 8am to 12:30 for $300. Sounds a little pricey but they learn Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, Slalom Skiing, Knee Boarding, Wake Surfing, and Tubing.

My kids had never done any of the sports prior to the camp and conquered them all. They were doing 360°’s on the knee board. My son’s record was 8 in a row!

The camper to instructor ratio is 3 to 1 so they get a lot of attention. The girl that runs the camp, Nicole, used to teach on The Hamptons, so she has plenty of experience and is great with the kids. My kids felt like they were on vacation, but it was way easier on me (no packing). It was fun to walk along Mission Bay and see them go by doing their latest trick.

The camp ran out of Campland on the Bay last year but is negotiating a new home as we speak. Check out the website. This is highly recommended.

Happy Valentines Day!

Here is a Funny Valentine that has nothing to do with my blog…
Funny Valentine

“Let’s Move”

Michelle Obama’s Obesity Campaign, “Let’s Move” was unveiled this week, I’m so happy! She could have used some help on the name, maybe “The US Anti-Blob Movement”? But alas, this would risk another firestorm like the one she created when she discussed the weight of Malia and Sasha in public. Major faux pas, Michelle!
Childhood Obesity is such a minefield for parents. Don’t discuss it and they’ll be fat. Talk about it and risk causing eating disorders. This is so hard!!
Even though the campaign is entitled, “Let’s Move”, it mainly addresses improving the diets of our children. The four main elements of “Let’s Move” are designed to (1) give parents the support they need, (2) provide healthier food in schools, (3) help our kids to be more physically active, and (4) make healthy, affordable food available in every part of our country. Only one element actually addresses movement. My blog focuses on the exercise angle of the problem, but I realize the combination of diet and exercise is vital. I just don’t find as much information and ideas on how to get kids moving. Here’s a list of “10 ways to prevent raising a fat kid” from Today Show Nutritionist Joy Bauer.

1. Serve breakfast
2. Balance the meals
3. Avoid liquid calories (with the exception of skim, soy and 1% low-fat milk)
4. Stock up on non-fat/low-fat dairy products
5. Fill ‘em up with fiber
6. Give them “juicy foods”
7. Provide veggies 24/7
8. Limit snacks
9. Make eating FUN
10. Maximize action
For more details check out, http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/11747978/
Notice only number ten addresses movement… My blog is filling a major void in society.
But seriously, when I was a kid I remember about 75% of the boys and 20% of the girls could do pull ups during the fitness tests. My daughter was one of three kids in her class of 28 kids that could do a pull up in 4th grade. Come on folks… Get those kids moving…
See you next time, for that long awaited Flip Force Cirque Blog!

Trampoline and Tumbling At Flip Force

Trampoline and Tumbling an Olympic Sport?
Gotta love those Aussies.

Until a year ago, I had no idea this was a competitive sport. There are 18 Trampoline and Tumbling (TnT) gyms in Southern California. Three in San Diego alone.     

I think part of the appeal, besides the awesome feeling of flying, is that it kids can achieve success quickly. My daughter took gymnastics at various places.  At Victory Gymnastics they were spotting her on a back hand spring for nine months. She did it herself the first day at a trampoline gym. They had her practice on the trampoline and then moved on to the floor. That was at Bounce California in the Rancho Bernardo/4S Ranch area. Flip Force San Diego  opened in the Clairemont Mesa area in October (closer to our home) so we switched gyms. There is also gym in Poway called Socal TTC.          

Unlike gymnastics, your kids don’t need to be really good to have fun. Even kids without any gymnastics background love this place. My girlfriend’s daughter was never one for aerobic kind of sports but is now attending classes twice a week. They have beginning TnT classes Monday – Thursday from 4:30-5:30 and/or you can do Open Gym Friday 5:30 – 7:30 or Saturday 10am to noon. Sometimes Friday night there’s a guy spinning records (yeah, the old-fashioned kind) so it’s a great place for kids to socialize in a healthy way. 

You can call and set up a free trial at Open Gym or a class at (858) 278-FLIP(3547).       

Another appealing element of TnT is that once you reach a certain level, you can be on the competitive team with as little as a two-day a week commitment. Conversely, you must practically give your life to be on a gymnastics team. And your wallet. 

Overall, I think Trampoline and Tumbling is a fun, healthy user-friendly sport and I urge you check it out!

For more info about this sport, check out the California Trampoline and Tumbling Website – www.CaliforniaTNT.com.